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More Than a Mother: How to bring out the best in your child, feel fulfilled, and be the woman you really want!

Moms, when you learn to trust your intuition, you become a more calm and confident mother. You also discover you have the answers within. Never forget, you are your child’s best parenting expert!


Mothering With Courage” will inspire you to discover what really matters to you and your family. This gift includes a free copy of my e-book, Why Kids Don’t Listen…5 Proven Steps to Motivate your Kids to Listen Now!


I’ll also be giving away 3 free copies (3 paperbacks) of my book, “Mothering with Courage” with a complimentary half-hour Parent Discovery Call. Offered by: Bonnie Compton

Get 5 Proven Steps to Motivate
Your Kids to Listen Now!

Why Kids Don’t Listen… They share their secrets!