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“With courage, a mom learns to remain open-hearted, to become self-reflective, and to choose to rise above the ups and downs of motherhood and see her children and herself in a different light. ”

Be Honest. How much time, energy, emotion(s), and money are you wasting right now in hopes that your child or children will:

  • Listen to you
  • Quit whining
  • Stop melting down every time you tell them no
  • Do their homework
  • Brush their teeth
  • Go to bed
  • Follow the rules
  • Communicate without drama
  • Fill in the blank

What if you could access and cultivate the proven parenting tools that more easily reduce stress and drama, create meaningful connection, and increase quality time together?

Welcome to Parenting With Courage.

A Mindful Approach To Raising Healthy, Happy Families.

As one of the world’s leading advocates for courageous parenting, I’m on a mission to help more families end the cycle of drama, frustration, and/or hurt while more effortlessly increasing your conscious communication and quality time together. As a licensed child & adolescent therapist, parent coach, and best selling author of Mothering With Courage, I’ve dedicated more than 30 years of my career to working with moms, dads, and kids to create empowered, healthy, and lifelong change that suits your unique family dynamic.

Here is my promise to you:

When you decide to make the commitment to change,
within just four short weeks,
you will transform the way you parent.

You’ll begin to see your role and your child(ren) through new eyes and a renewed perspective. You’ll be amazed at how easy the transformations can be. AND… your child(ren) will instantly take notice and start showing up more fully, freely, and without drama!

Here’s what one dad told me after working with me in my
Parenting With Courage 4 Session Series…
“Bonnie, I was doubtful that I’d see much change in our family when we began working with you…I’m here to tell you…YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!”.

Yes, this (and more!) is possible for you when you commit to END your struggle and BEGIN parenting with courage. Nothing is going to change until something changes… and the change begins with YOU!

Ready to embark on the journey to
Parenting With Courage?

See which coaching option best meets your needs below.

Individual Coaching

4-Part Parenting With Courage Sessions

Four Powerful Sessions To Reduce Overwhelm, Remove Triggers, Deepen Connection, & Create Meaningful Memories – For Life!


I created my 4-session package for moms and dads who are fed up with feeling frustrated and/or freaking out about the current state of their relationship with their child(ren). In just 4 sessions, we will work together privately to shift from waking up every day feeling like there are battles to win or lose, that every conversation is a confrontation to overcome, and/or that you’ve already lost your ability to think, reason, and parent clearly. You’ll cultivate new parenting skills, tools, and communication techniques to release drama and increase the peace. You’ll see results in just 4 powerful sessions!

Group Coaching

4 Week Mothering With Courage Group Coaching Program

I’ve combined the best of my private coaching practice with my therapy modalities and infused each week of my 4 Week Mothering With Courage Group Program with powerful, practical, life-changing tools and techniques that will dramatically improve your relationship with your child(ren) as well as how you feel about being a wife, mom, and woman.

Returning Client

You can book a returning client session here.

Have Questions?

Not sure which option is best for you Book a complimentary 20 minute Parenting With Courage call with me here.

Rave Reviews

“We needed someone outside of our family to help us understand some of our child’s needs and how we could meet those needs. Bonnie taught us to validate our child’s needs without compromising our principles. We are all happier now!”

- Amy W.

“A gift that will inspire and empower moms to trust their innate wisdom.”

- Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., Author of “The Conscious Parent” and “The Awakened Family”

“Mothering with Courage is the perfect gift for all mothers and children!”

- Dave Pelzer, Author of “A Child Called It” and “Too Close to Me”

“What an eloquent, compassionate guide to parenting from the inside out—beautiful! Mothering with Courage is the perfect book to keep at your bedside and anchor back to as a reminder of how to stay connected to your children and to your soul. Highly recommended for all parents!”

- Renee Peterson Trudeau, coach/speaker and author, “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal,” and “Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.”

``Mothering with Courage offers a blueprint for parenting from a deep awareness. A must read for all mothers!”

- Kathy Maher, Energy Healer and Family Constellation Therapist

``Mothering with Courage offers moms an easy-to-follow roadmap of self-discovery exercises designed to unlock their inner awareness and guide them to release the expectations and fears that prevent them from deeply connecting with their children in meaningful ways.”

- Lori Petro, TEACH through Love, Speaker / Parent Educator / Child Advocate

``Mothering With Courage is rooted in emotional intelligence and deep caring for the overall relationship between mother and child. Bonnie Compton has written a wonderful book that you must add to your parenting library. Authentic, warm and full of helpful advice, Compton’s knowledge is what today’s mothers need.”

- Carrie Goldman, Award-winning Author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs To Know About Ending The Cycle of Fear

``Bonnie Compton is a master at helping us quiet the doubts and fears we have in our mothering abilities so we can consistently respond with love, compassion, acceptance, and authenticity. Opening this book is like opening your eyes and heart simultaneously; at last you will clearly see `{`that`}` the pathway to the parent you’ve always wanted to be lies within.”

Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hands Free Mama and Only Love Today

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