Client Testimonials

Working with Bonnie is a supportive, empowering, results-driven experience. See what other clients have to say about the value they’ve received.

“Working with Bonnie was a life changer for me, especially with my relationship with my 8-year-old daughter. I am so excited about the skills I’ve learned from Bonnie and have seen a dramatic difference in our relationship already. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! You have changed my life and my daughter’s life forever. You have also blessed me and my family tremendously.”

– Julie

“Working with Bonnie has changed the way my husband and I communicate, lead, and teach our boys. Her unique coaching approach gave us the tools we needed to take our parenting to the next level. After just a few short sessions, we experienced remarkable changes. Previous struggles became more manageable with each step we took and now our family is more aligned and happier than ever. Bonnie is a coach, mentor and friend for life.”

– Elias & Shannon Deeb

“Bonnie’s parent coaching sessions have made a tremendous difference in our approach to parenting our two young children. She has replaced our anxiety with a calmer attitude and approach. The benefits of the parenting coaching have also helped to improve our marriage and improve the overall climate of the household. I am thankful to have found Bonnie in the early years of my children’s lives since the insight she’s provided will help to guide us through some of the bigger challenges that will surely come as our children grow. If there is any wavering about whether or not to take on ‘yet another commitment’, this is one that is truly worth your time.”

– S.R.

“We needed someone outside of our family to help us understand some of our child’s needs and how we could meet those needs. Bonnie taught us to validate our child’s needs without compromising our principles. We are all happier now!”

– Amy W.

“We were so frustrated with our child’s behavior and were at a loss about what to do. We had read many parenting books but didn’t find the answers we were looking for. Through our parent coaching sessions with Bonnie, she helped us identify our concerns and helped us find solutions for our child. Not only was she professional, but very compassionate. We knew that we were not alone. Through Bonnie’s coaching, we really began to feel more confident in our parenting ability. Her insights and support have made all the difference and our relationship with our child is more joyful and rewarding!”

– Steve & Michelle S.

“Bonnie brings together professional experience, personal history and passion to help parents give their very best to the most important job they’ll ever have. Her love for both parents and their kids is obvious and underlies everything she teaches. We learned so much from her and look forward to continuing to learn from her!”

– Jenn Williams, Pastor, Ashley Ridge Church

“Bonnie has been a great resource for our family. When we initially met with her, there was a great deal of disconnection within our family. In only a handful of visits, our family is heading in the right direction. Bonnie is a genuine and caring mother herself. Her advice comes not only from her education, but from her own personal experience.


When I felt like I was failing to raise my boys properly, Bonnie gave me the coaching I so desperately needed. She also gave us confidence in the things we were doing right. If you take Bonnie’s advice, it will only lead to a more peaceful home life. Everyone would benefit from Bonnie’s guidance!”

– Stephanie & Ryan G.

“Bonnie is an expert at working with young children and families. She has worked with individual students struggling with emotional and social issues. Bonnie is personable, intuitive, and builds strong relationships with her clients. Her ability to achieve target behaviors is outstanding. We have seen children develop conflict resolution skills as well as the ability to identify and share their feelings in an appropriate manner.


She has also led workshops for parents discussing pertinent developmental issues such as discipline, conflict resolution, homework routines, and life skills. I would recommend her to any family or any school!”

– Trish Scarry, Director, Meeting Street Academy

Rave Reviews

“We needed someone outside of our family to help us understand some of our child’s needs and how we could meet those needs. Bonnie taught us to validate our child’s needs without compromising our principles. We are all happier now!”

- Amy W.

“A gift that will inspire and empower moms to trust their innate wisdom.”

- Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., Author of “The Conscious Parent” and “The Awakened Family”

“Mothering with Courage is the perfect gift for all mothers and children!”

- Dave Pelzer, Author of “A Child Called It” and “Too Close to Me”

“What an eloquent, compassionate guide to parenting from the inside out—beautiful! Mothering with Courage is the perfect book to keep at your bedside and anchor back to as a reminder of how to stay connected to your children and to your soul. Highly recommended for all parents!”

- Renee Peterson Trudeau, coach/speaker and author, “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal,” and “Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.”

``Mothering with Courage offers a blueprint for parenting from a deep awareness. A must read for all mothers!”

- Kathy Maher, Energy Healer and Family Constellation Therapist

``Mothering with Courage offers moms an easy-to-follow roadmap of self-discovery exercises designed to unlock their inner awareness and guide them to release the expectations and fears that prevent them from deeply connecting with their children in meaningful ways.”

- Lori Petro, TEACH through Love, Speaker / Parent Educator / Child Advocate

``Mothering With Courage is rooted in emotional intelligence and deep caring for the overall relationship between mother and child. Bonnie Compton has written a wonderful book that you must add to your parenting library. Authentic, warm and full of helpful advice, Compton’s knowledge is what today’s mothers need.”

- Carrie Goldman, Award-winning Author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs To Know About Ending The Cycle of Fear

``Bonnie Compton is a master at helping us quiet the doubts and fears we have in our mothering abilities so we can consistently respond with love, compassion, acceptance, and authenticity. Opening this book is like opening your eyes and heart simultaneously; at last you will clearly see `{`that`}` the pathway to the parent you’ve always wanted to be lies within.”

Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hands Free Mama and Only Love Today

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